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Day 1 – July 18

Virtual Conference Keynote – What’s a Makerspace and Why Should Libraries Care?

Presented by Travis Good
9:30 -10:30 EDT

Makerspaces are workshop facilities filled with people who love to learn, collaborate and create. Fueled by enthusiasm to make and enabled by technology advances these groups are sprouting up around the world. After a year spent visiting makerspaces in the U.S. and Canada I know what makes them tick. I’ll share what I’ve learned and why I think they’re an important resource to help libraries advance their missions.

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Urban Mediaspace Aarhus

Presented by Marie Ostergard
10:45-11:30 EDT

To focus on the library as democratic space means to learn how to co-work with your users and dare turn your library into a space for public interaction and perhaps even innovation.

In Aarhus Public Libraries this learning process has taken many shapes over the years working on the development of Mediaspace – the new main library in Aarhus. Through interactions, user-involvement, network-development, prototyping and communication in the physical library space, Aarhus has investigated new technologies, involvement processes and learning.

The presentation will discuss the visions for Mediaspace and give examples of development projects that have helped both to shape the visions, have increased knowledge of user needs as well as having been the stepping stones of new services in the future library. Finally the presentation will consider how interaction with users may help change the brand of the physical library from being a building with books and transactions into becoming a space for relations supporting user needs.

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The State of eBook Borrowing from Libraries

Presented by Lee Rainie
11:45-12:30 EDT

Lee Rainie, Director of the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project will describe the Project’s latest report about e-book borrowing from libraries, what’s working, what’s not, and what patrons would like to receive from librarians in the way of support. This work follows up the Project’s major report about the general population trends in e-book reading and use of e-book reading devices like Kindles, Nooks, and tablet computers.

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Author Lunch with Brad Hooper featuring Katherine Boo

12:45-1:15 EDT 

Join Senior Booklist Editor Brad Hooper as he interviews Author Katherine Boo on her reported nonfiction Behind the Beautiful Forevers.

Pulitzer Prize winner, Katherine Boo, will expand on her reported nonfiction describing inequality and the sometimes heartbreaking story of families striving toward a better life all based on her three years of reporting.

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Thinking Entrepreneurially: What libraries can learn from startups and other innovative organizations

Presented by Brian Mathews
1:15 -2:00 EDT

We can learn a lot from Silicon Valley. How to arrange our work and study spaces? How do we communicate and interact internally? How do we develop nimble organizations? This talk will focus on embedding an entrepreneurial spirit into your library. Leveraging the “lean startup” methodology, libraries make transformative changes and embrace an uncertain future.

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Sacramento Public Library’s I Street Press: Turning Individual Creativity into Community Connections

Presented by Rivkah K. Sass
2:15-3:00 EDT

Everyone knows that the role of public libraries is changing faster than a Kardashian changes shoes. Sacramento Public Library faces increased demands for traditional services, dwindling resources, and staff who are working as fast as they can to keep up. Find out why SPL decided to head down the road of becoming a community-based publishing and writing center, what we learned, and why the experience is worth every hair-raising moment.

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Moving Upstream: From Distributor to Co-Creator

Presented by Jamie LaRue
3:15-4:00 EDT

A combination of ebooks and self-publishing is triggering profound transformations in the publishing and library worlds. With that change comes the opportunity to move closer to the source of content creation. Jamie LaRue, Director of the Douglas County (Colorado) Libraries, will sketch out some of his institution’s current experiments, and what it is learning from them.

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Beyond the bestseller list: Filling patron demand for great ebooks without the “big 6 publishers”

Presented by Marlene Harris
4:15 – 5:00 EDT

Strategies for going outside the “Big 6″ publishers to find good books that your patrons will love.

30% of all Americans have an ereader or tablet. Library use of ebooks is double or more over last year. Demand is skyrocketing, but the supply is wacky. Because four of the “big 6″ publishers don’t play in the library market.

We know the titles patrons want, and we can’t buy them. But we can fill the demand for great ebooks for patrons to read, if we look beyond the bestseller list.

This presentation will provide a host of strategies for providing patrons with terrific new reads, and methods of determining that we’re getting the kinds of things they want.

Selecting an ebook collection isn’t quite like selecting for a print collection. Sometimes that’s a good thing. Find out why.

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Day 2 – July 19

Libraries in a Post-Print World

Presented by George Needham & Joan Frye Williams
9:30-10:30 EDT

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Introducing FOSS4Lib: Helping Libraries Decide IF and WHICH Open Source Software is Right for Them

Presented by Peter Murray
10:45-11:30 EDT

Is open source software right for my institution? Do we have the skills/support to run open source? What packages fit my requirements? With financial support from the Mellon Foundation, helps libraries answer these questions with self-guided readiness assessments along with a registry of software with information about service providers and events.

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Using Google products to enhance your library’s mission and branding

Presented by Terry Ballard
11:45-12:30 EDT

Terry Ballard will share practical information about how to use some of Google’s products to enhance a library’s mission and branding. He will show how Custom Search can be developed to give users a focused search engine in specialized areas of knowledge. He will show how Google Maps and Google Earth can be used to promote a library’s special collections. Finally, he will show how to develop an IGoogle gadget to create products like links to the library’s catalog or links to a library’s online products. All of these products are free and all have been used successfully by libraries.

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Author Lunch with Donna Seaman and Christian Kiefer

12:45-1:15 EDT

Join Senior Booklist Editor Donna Seaman as she interviews Author Christian Kiefer on his novel The Infinite Tides.

Noted as “Smart…an astute, impressive, and ambitious debut” by Publishers Weekly, The Infinite Tides is a deeply moving, tragicomic and ultimately redemptive story of love loss and resilience.

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One-Stop Center: The Multiple Roles of the Public Library, Today and Tomorrow

Presented by Emily Dowdall
1:15 -2:00 EDT

Public libraries have rarely been as popular as they are today and rarely as besieged. The hard economic times of recent years have generated increased demand for the free and varied services they provide, even as revenue-challenged local governments have cut back on contributions to library budgets. This session will cover highlights from Pew’s recent report, “The Library in the City: Changing Demands and Challenging Future,” which explores how libraries are being asked to perform a new and changing range of functions. While the report focused on big city systems, the lessons from the report apply to urban, suburban and rural libraries.

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Start With a ‘Way We Serve Statement’: Design A Library User Experience The Way The Pros Do

Presented by Steven Bell
2:15-3:00 EDT

Great library experiences turn community members into loyal and passionate library users who will want to return to the library to receive memorable service, and more importantly, who will tell their friends about the great experience the library offers. But how do you design that type of experience. If you look at organizations that are highly regarded for the quality of their user experience, such as the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Starbucks or the Pike Place Fish Market, they all have one thing in common. A thoughtful and well designed “Way We Serve Statement”. In the user experience industry, this is referred to as an experiential brand statement. It is a conceptualization of the experience the organization wants the customer to receive. It is not a brand statement that is used for marketing. Rather, it is a touchstone statement that is developed and used by the staff members to guide their interactions with community members. This presentation will provide background information on experiential brand statements, review the process for developing a statement and provide practical examples of how to replicate this process so that attendees can develop a Way We Serve Statement for their libraries.

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Making Our Future: The ACPL TekVenture Maker Station

3:15-4:00 EDT
Presented by:

  • Melissa Renner, Training Specialist, Allen County Public Library
  • Jeff Krull, Director, Allen County Public Library
  • Michael Clegg, Associate Director, Allen County Public Library
  • Greg Jacobs, President, TekVenture Inc.
  • Jane Applegate, TekVenture Board Member
  • April Reinhard, Owner, Natril Gear
  • Mari Hardacre, Young Adults’ Services Manager, Allen County Public Library
  • TekVenture, an Indiana nonprofit whose mission is to offer maker space, tools, materials and mentors, joined forces in 2011 with the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne to form a hacker space called the TekVenture Maker Station. Makers can visit the Maker Station for weekly Maker Meetups, workshops, and to participate in special events and projects. ACPL and TekVenture staff, as well as makers and supporters of the Maker Station, will share details about this exciting community project in a dynamic presentation.

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    Mirages, Maps, Menus, Flowcharts, and Dreams

    Presented by Stephen Abram
    4:00 – 5:00 EDT

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