Second Life Library Tours


  • Each tour will have a 45 minute duration.
  • Times are listed as Eastern Daylight Time/EST (New York, NY)
  • To find out how the posted times translate to your respective time zone, please click on the time in each time slot.
  • Schedule is subject to change; re-visit this page for latest program.
March 30, 2011
1:00 pm

(10:00 am SLT)

UCLA Library
Esther Grassian (SL: Alexandria Knight), Information Literacy Librarian at the UCLA College Library, and co-author of Information Literacy Instruction: Theory & Practice, will present a tour of the UCLA College Library in Second Life. Esther will talk about the library’s service plan, demonstrate classroom space with virtual world presentation technology.


2:00 pm

(11:00 am SLT)


University of Hawaii Islands
Diane Nahl (SL: Adra Letov), is an LIS professor at the University of Hawaii. The tour of the UH islands includes the main island with replicas of campus buildings, classrooms, research labs, exhibits by LIS students, and a Kapiolani Community College classroom and office building; Aquaculture Island has educational areas for various forms of aquaculture, an amphitheatre for monthly astronomy programs simulcast from Haleakala Volcano Observatory, and research presentations by students and faculty, and a beach recreation area; the College of Education Island includes campus building replicas and outdoor teaching areas including taro patch classrooms and an amphitheater in Diamond Head; Honolulu Community College Island includes an Hawaiian studies building with access to onine collections, training areas for aviation and emergency response degrees, classrooms and labs.


3:00 pm

(12:00 pm SLT)



4:00 pm

(1:00 pm SLT)


Johnson & Wales University Library
Barbara Jansen (SL: BarbaratheLibrarian Magic), Chief Librarian, Johnson & Wales University, Harborside, Providence RI and doctorial candidate in Educational Leadership, will lead a tour of JWU’s Second Life Library, LibGuides: Food Science, Culinary and Higher Education and online catalog. She will show their exhibit of “Cool Tools for Educators” – a collection of free tools for anyone who teaches in SL. She will address the need for scholarly writing about SL and for more educational access for Higher Education and briefly share her dissertation proposal: which highlights faculty, student and mentor support practices in virtual immersive higher education. Barbara will also talk about how collaboration in virtual worlds is perfected by librarians from libraries ( private, public, academic and international) to highlight the philanthropic spirit that makes our profession so wonderful!.


5:00 pm

(2:00 pm SLT)


Texas Woman’s University (immersive learning environments in education)
Valerie Hill (SL: Valibrarian Gregg), is a school librarian, currently working on a PhD in Library and Information Studies at Texas Woman’s University. Her research area is virtual worlds in education and libraries. Working with the Texas Library Association, Valerie Hill recently collaborated on an exhibit at the Community Virtual Library in Second Life, entitled Virtual Texas. Virtual Texas is an example of an immersive learning environment, which provided live tours to Antiquity, Texas in Second Life. The exhibit includes virtual books, landmarks, and Texas resources.