Personal Branding for New Librarians: Standing out and Stepping up

10:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. EDT THURSDAY, March 31

Presented by

  • Bohyun Kim, Digital Access Librarian, Florida International University
  • Erin Dorney, Outreach Librarian, Millersville University Library
  • Kiyomi Deards, Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska Lincoln
  • Alison Miller, Manager, ipl2 Reference Services,, Drexel University

Learn about the recent trend of social media use and its role in developing and maintaining a personal brand and professional reputation. Find out how librarians utilize social media to develop an online presence and a support network and to participate in the conversation of librarianship.

The following questions are being provided to help prompt and facilitate discussion(s) especially for those virtual conference participants who are attenting as part of a larger group.

  1. What are barriers to managing your personal brand?
  2. What the long term benefits you can see from managing your brand?

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