Conference 2.0

Posted on August 31st, 2009 by admin in Uncategorized

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  1. Frances Harris Frances Harris

    It’s now post-conference and I’ve learned of SO many new ways to deploy 2.0 technologies in schools (check out the smackdown wiki at just for starters). I truly believe we’re on a roll now, a steamroller that can’t be stopped!

    • rteague rteague

      I agree that the momentum is building for media specialists to be leaders in the implementation of 2.0 in our schools. Let’s keep it going! I did not attend Smackdown session but looked at the wikispace and have shared with colleagues. Thanks!

  2. Betty Jordan Betty Jordan

    I have collaborated to produce student blogs utilizing opposing viewpoints resources and research strategies. The most interesting unexpected result was the comments they posted to each other. They were required to post 2 comments on other classmates’ blogs and they really put some thought into them. This year I have set up a Delicious account for the library with bundles of primary sources, citation generators, and topics currently being researched in the classroom. So far this has been utilized more than any other Web 2.0 tool I’ve utilized with middle schoolers. Netvibes has also been a useful tool this year.

  3. rcline rcline

    Web 2.0 has been a boon to my productivity in my work because it has allowed for connections and collaborations that were previously quite clunky.

  4. Becky Palgi Becky Palgi

    I use pbworks wikis constantly and have never had a problem. Most of our wikis are not interactive; we use them to facilitate the research process. However, I have taught a couple of classes to use wikis to collaborate on projects. I set up rules and let them know that anyone who does not follow them will not be able to comment on the wiki. So far I have not had any problems. I use pbworks because you can create generic logins for students that do not require email addresses so there are no CIPA issues. You will also receive updates every time something is changed on the wiki.

  5. Robin Tanis Robin Tanis

    It is an issue….I have tried to use Facebook with students but so far they are not interested in doing anything school-related with Facebook.

  6. gwyneth gwyneth

    OMWord, Yes! it’s so frustrating and discouraging! i just blogged about this ( when the Neil Gaiman Twitter Exquisite Corpse debacle kept some of our Writers Guild members from joining in. AND they recently also blocked Flickr! so much for our Art Studio kids showing their work and learning about cloud tagging! [snifs] it’s so sad!

  7. Frances Harris Frances Harris

    I’d love to know – for how many of you is access to 2.0 technology an administrative problem? In other words, have you not implemented/tried something (Twitter, wikis, etc.) because it’s blocked? My sense is that this is a WIDESPREAD issue.

    • rteague rteague

      Yes, Frances. I agree that this is a widespread problem. I came to the conference wondering if my frustrations were due to a local district policy. Obviously not.

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