2.0 Learning Tools Smackdown

Posted on August 6th, 2009 by admin in Concurrent Sessions

Session Title

2.0 Learning Tools Smackdown
Scheduled Time
Friday, Nov. 06, 2009, 11:30a – 12:45p
21st Century Standards
Grade Level
K-3; 4-6; Middle/Junior; High
Target Audience
Library Media Specialists, Administrators, Classroom Teachers, Library Supervisors, Technology Coordinators, Higher Education, Curriculum Specialists, Public Librarians Working with Children and Youth, Students
Joyce Valenza
Robin Williams
This interactive, energetic, sharing session will highlight the best new tools in a variety of categories. Members of a panel will share their top picks and invite audience members to contribute by coming to a central microphone. All ideas generated will be added to a session wiki and shared with the community.

7 Comments on “2.0 Learning Tools Smackdown”

  1. brittonp brittonp

    I wasn’t able to attend this session because it was full. Were there any handouts, etc, or powerpoint presentations for those of us who couldn’t get in?

  2. Karen Karenbolch

    As always you all deliver…….what a great session and what a wonderful panel of experts full of energy and fun !!

  3. paakre paakre

    Next conference, let’s have this to start, and then breakout sessions on the top three or four applications to give librarians a chance to actually try out the tools. This was a wonderful session, but so rich it was a little overwhelming!

  4. martinls martinls

    The wiki is awesome! Thank you all so much!

  5. leperez1 leperez1

    Join us for the Smackdown backchannel on Twitter, Chatzy, and U-Stream. Links to be posted here and at http://www.twitter.com/leperez1 and http://www.twitter.com/sigms prior to the event at 11:30 am ET.

  6. gwyneth gwyneth

    I’m so excited about the Smackdown! it was easily the BEST and most productive session i experienced at #NECC09! Just a rollicking good time! & I’m Very excited to be part of this one, too! Get ready to bring your thinking caps audience, because this Smackdown is participatory! Bring one or two awesome things to share, and the fast pace will be kept from going too long by whistle blower Frances Harris! See the Smackdown wiki for the topics that will be covered! Get ready to Rumble! …..come away with great Resources!

  7. Joyce Valenza Joyce Valenza

    Visit our session wiki: http://aaslsmackdown.wikispaces.com/!

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